Our security portfolio includes:

Risk analysis
Special events
Private Investigations
Armed and unarmed security officers
Armed response
Undercover officers
VIP protection
Retail security
Dogs and vehicles patrol
Technical support
Co-ordination with local authorities
(Bomb disposal units, ambulance, fire, SAPS)
Security training
Line patrol.

Our clients include these sectors:

National, provincial and local government
Private Sector enterprises from large conglomerates to SME’s
Residential complexes
Private home-owners etc.

Our Business

Our staff are carefully screened and professionally selected before employment.

All our staff members are regularly trained and retrained in refresher courses in appropriate vocational qualifications.
We utilize our own in-house training facility for accredited training whereas we outsource some non-accredited training.

Our staff members are regularly evaluated by management to ensure continuity in the work place and to keep everyone alert.

Our management adopts a hands on philosophy on sustained staff performance and client satisfaction.

Our Supervision and Management team

Linda Security has established a strong management structure to ensure best possible service delivery.

All staff must pass stringent standards tests to assess and foster:

Intellectual ability
Analytical skills
Decision making abilities
Social harmonisation
Honesty and integrity
Customer Relations.